Check points in selecting a web hosting company

After mapping out a flawless marketing plan, you now need a website to promote it. You know exactly what you want, but things may grow complicated due to fierce competition in the web hosting industry. During your search, you will encounter an endless sea of credible servers offering a variety of web hosting packages. You may not comprehend the extensive web lingo used to describe features, but do not get so rattled. Knowing what to look for in a quality server can be easily recognized by the most uninformed user. When selecting a web hosting company, there a few crucial checkpoints one must follow to choose the best company for you.

Available space & Traffic

Inquiring about the amount of disk space and bandwidth the web hosting company provides is a good place to start. Disk space will determine how much content you will be able to host, while bandwidth defines the amount of files you will be able to transfer to the server. A company may charge by the capacity used, this it is important to know what is appropriate for your website. Anywhere from twenty to thirty MBs is generally an adequate amount of disk space, while a full gigabyte of bandwidth meets the needs of most websites. Some servers offer shared hosting, which could end up limiting capability and affecting the performance of your website. The best advice here is to get as much space for your money as you possibly can.

Platform: Windows vs Linux

This could be good point to consider when choosing your host. The answer much depends on what your website does and what tools or language you use. If your website uses ASP/ASP.NET, it is obvious that you should go with microsoft platform, windows. Whereas if your site uses a language like php and you plan to use MySQL database, Linux would be a very good choice.

Excellent Customer Support

When selecting a web hosting company, users need to be covered in the help department. Having a reliable support team is very critical to the longevity of your website. When problems arise, you never want to be caught in a jam all alone. If your website is down, you may be permanently losing visitors and customers.

One hosting company may just refer you to an email, while others offer support tickets with speedy solutions and responses. The best option of all may be the web hosting service that comes with a 24 hour support system or live chat sessions. This assures that you will obtain the required assistance to keep your website flowing smoothly.

Website Builder Technology:

Make sure your web hosting company provides a good website builder.  The new generation Do it yourself website builders and store builders save you time and money.  It is very easy to create a web design from scratch without knowing any programming at all. You can build a professional website or store or blog using these website builders.

Creative management tools

Easy to use administrative tools are a plus in the way of web hosting. Even with a solid support team, you will certainly want to have as much control as possible over your website. You want the power to modify your layout and choose the text that will be displayed. The ability to make visual changes is also a perk in the way of web hosting. The WYSIWUG editor allows you to create and modify both text and images, which inevitably brings vibrant life to your site. When selecting hosting, remember to inquire about the functions of your management panel and editing functions, as they detail the overall capability of your website.

E-Commerce capabilities

More than likely, you are looking to make a business of your website. Web hosting for you should certainly include dependable E-commerce capability. Does the hosting company provide a shopping cart? Are they able to integrate Paypal? This is very important to know as you decide just how payments on your website will be collected. What about your transactions? Are they secure? You never want to run the risks of leaking customer information over the internet. Any web hosting company not operating on a fully secure server is definitely one you wish to avoid.


Make sure that as part of your hosting package, sufficient email accounts for your business are available. Note that as your number of emails increase, your email database size also increases and when the size goes beyond a limit (average is 100 MB),  hosting companies will charge you for extra space taken. A good idea would be to periodically cleanup your mail database in server to free up space.

Finding the perfect web hosting company for you

In order to find the best hosting company for you, it is critical that you personally understand your website’s fundamental needs. How much traffic are you anticipating? Will your website require a tremendous amount of bandwith? Do you need to ensure that the website will be secure for payment gateways? Reliable servers can be found anywhere from $10 to $25 per month, but they offer varied features. Selecting the right host all depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your site. When you match your needs with the key checkpoints of a web hosting company, your decisions becomes much easier.



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