Do It Yourself SEO? Part 1

All across the world people are finding more and more ways to simply “Do It Yourself”. How does this relate to the internet and marketing? Is it really possible to successfully promote your own website? How does this relate to the internet and marketing? Is it really possible to successfully promote your own website? This question is justified by the fact that many individuals pay handsome fees for their site to be designed and even higher prices to have someone else market it.

After realizing these truths one must ask another question, “is Do It Yourself SEO really possible?” Let us examine the facts here.One must fully understand that effective SEO is a trying job in itself, an underlying factor of why several contract others to handle this huge responsibility. Some wish to save a few bucks and go at it alone, confident it conquering SEO with their basic knowledge and strong determination to succeed. Though it can be done there are some important factors that need to be considered before jumping into unchartered waters of Do It Yourself SEO. You must keep it rational and be real with yourself.

Saving money on an expensive SEO service may be appropriate for now, but what about the future? Can you honestly keep up it with this task? Before climbing high aboard the Do It Yourself SEO train, make sure you have the time to devote to it. More than likely, you are occupied developing the overall idea for the site, doing your best to create a quality product or service. This is totally understandable. The savvy business man does not necessarily translate to technical internet marketing genius, especially when it relates to SEO.

Are you ready? It begins with your domain name. As complicated as it may seem, the basics of SEO are rather straight forward. Many fail to realize that it all begins with your domain. This URL should reflect the theme of your website, and it ideally should have your main keywords within the domain name itself. For example, if your company WFR Productions makes picture frames, then you would want to select a domain name such as, instead of This will not only be easier to remember for your customers, but also better for the search engines. Titling the domain after a product on your site also another overlooked strategy of SEO.

Good SEO is good content. SEO challenges you to be creative, and you must possess marketing skills in order to be successful with your optimization. Do you have the ability to promote not only your business, but your website too? Can you create client-friendly content, while ensuring that it speaks loudly to the search engine algorithms? The second most basic fundamental of SEO is content! Content is king, and it always will be on the internet. Not only does content result in conversions, but it also critical to your SEO. Imbedded throughout your content should be strategic keywords, with a density ranging between 3% to 5%. The dispersion of your keywords should be throughout your page, as this helps the search engines index your site’s relevancy. However, you do not want to traverse beyond 5% – 6% in keyword density, as this is a red flag to search engines that you are “stuffing” your site, which bodes poorly for relevancy and your rankings.

In conclusion….Ready to tackle SEO all by yourself? Have no fear. This goal is very reachable, as long as you educate yourself on SEO tactics and remain dedicated to the process. No one knows the business like you. However, those of us who are not in tune with all the behind the scenes responsibilities of SEO may wish to seek aid of the more experienced to make a positive internet impact on search engine rankings.

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