Is WordPress good for your business?

I am sure you have heard about WordPress. If you have not, it is one of most popular web 2.0 Content management systems  that have been created so far.  What makes it more popular is it’s huge fanbase and loyal developers who constantly develop tools, plugins, wordpress themes or templates etc. Also it is free!

Excellent Blogging tool: WordPress is best known as a popular blogging tool and is rightly so.   So if you already have a website consider adding a wordpress blog to your website. Did you know that good wordpress blogs with relevant articles are sought by search engines. This means your business could attract good customers if you post good articles in your blog.

Website tool: Even though it is known as a blogging tool, WordPress can do more that that. You can create an entire website based on wordpress. You can create website pages, contact forms, photo galleries, website directory… the list goes on. This was all made possible by theme developers and plugin developers who constantly create these tools.

Other use:

Business Directory: You can create and maintain an entire business directory using wordpress and plugins.

Job Board: Create a job board website!

Forums Create forums based on wordpress themes for forums.

Create a website today using WordPress. See this list of wordpress hosting companies here that lets you create a wordpress website. These web hosting companies have excellent support and have web hosting plans specifically for WordPress. Best wishes.

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