Where Can You Compare Web Hosting Companies Offering Unbiased Reviews?

There are so many web hosting reviews out there but only a few are unbiased about what they are saying because every web hosting provider offer a dollar or two for every referral they make. Who wouldn’t want a few bucks for just writing a positive review of a web hosting provider. Every review website you see, have different takes and have their own favorite web hosting provider to promote to. So where can we read unbiased review sites to compare web hosting providers? Here are my top ones:

CNET is a tech media website that publishes news, articles, blogs, and podcasts to the consumers. For those of you who didn’t know CNET is not just a site to find gadget review but web hosting reviews too. They are considered as one of the most reliable website to look for web hosting sites you can put your trust into. They review a website based on the performance, reliability, and stability of the web host. If CNET gives a positive review to the web hosting provider, people will believe in it, no other explanation necessary.

Web Host Industry Review provides news, tips, and other information and web hosting reviews that will help you compare web hosting services. It is a website dedicated for web hosting alone so expect their experience in finding a fake web host and only provide the most reliable web hosting provider on the web.

You can also find tips, guides, and articles that will help you effectively compare web hosting providers fit for your website.


FindBestWebHosting.com: This is another good source of web hosting reviews. Mostly you can find reviews of editors here. Selection of web hosting companies look good. Most of reviews covered are of popular web hosting companies.

TopWebHosting Review
TopWebHostingReview (TWHR) provides unbiased review to one of the best web hosting providers around, new providers, and the old yet most reliable web hosting site. It is made for shoppers and website owners so they can compare web hosts with ease and confidence knowing that this site is reviewing a web hosting provider with consumer-friendliness in mind.

WebHostingTalk is a forum made for people to talk about a certain website and compare web host. Since forums do not like someone promoting a website, expect to see real reviews, real experiences from the web host users themselves.

HostingMatrix lets you compare web host side by side to have a look at what feature each web hosting provider has and what is unique on each sides. Just click two or three of the web hosting provider listed to get a feature review and compare web host.

These are just some of the web hosting review sites you can compare web hosts two. The best ones are CNET and TheWHIR because CNET is a company owned website that do not need compensation from the web hosting providers because they are backed by ABC, a television company in the United States. TheWHIR is passionate about reviewing web hosts and providing the best information they can get to help newbies and professional alike. If you like to compare web hosts in order to clear your doubts with the web hosting providers, have a look at these credible and unbiased web hosting reviews.

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